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August 1-4, 2024 | Minneapolis, Minnesota

Everything and Anything: Together Again

Some people having a darn fine time at Everything Conference

The world needs us, and we need each other

Multipotentialites are innovators, mold-breakers, artful tinkerers, and thoughtful problem solvers. Our strengths are valuable and needed, even if they aren’t always understood by society. Everything Conference is a call to action for multipotentialites to embrace our superpowers and bring our unique variety of skills and passions to the world.

Everything Conference is the first of its kind: a highly interactive and community-focused event where you get to show up as your whole self. As a participant, you’ll have a chance to join a range of workshops and activities to help you build a sustainable and fulfilling life as a multipod. Everything Conference is founded on the premise that we each have something awesome to offer. Most of the action will be participant led. Maybe you’ll even lead something!

Why Everything Conference … and why now?

ETC was originally designed for members of the online Puttyverse community to get together in real life. Running online events for wonderful puttypeep is great and all, but many multipods were longing for something more concrete; more in-person.

We wanted to see what magic might arise when we put multipotentialites together – in one physical space – to learn, share, and collaborate. And let us tell you: our first ETC event in 2019 was fairy tale beautiful!

Everything Conference 2019 Workshop Example
Everything Conference 2019 Hugs

At Everything Conference, you’ll find:

  • New insights and action steps to move your career and projects forward.
  • A buffet of learning for your ravenous multipotentialite soul
  • Energy, inspiration, and creative momentum to bring home with you.
  • The self-care and reflection time you need to make the most of your Everything Conference.
  • Opportunities to share what you’re good at, what you love, and what makes you you with others who are just as passionately curious.
  • Belonging and connection. You’ll be among your people: other multipotentialites who “get” your non-linear path and your shifting, sometimes overlapping passions.
Everything Conference 2019 High-Five-a-Palooza