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Some people having a darn fine time at Everything Conference

And God said: “Let there be multipotentialite.”

Then Vanessa Tharp said: “Joel, why isn’t there an in-person event for multipotentialites?”

Joel Zaslofsky: “Ummm … yeah. We should do something about that. Hey Emilie – will you team up with Vanessa and me to do an event?”

Emilie Wapnick: “Sure. Let’s call it Everything Conference.”

Vanessa and Joel: “Right on!”

Joel: “We’re doing this in Portland, Oregon since you’ve both lived there and live so close?”

Emilie and Vanessa: “Yeah.”

Joel: “Planning a 3+ day event for 100 multipotentialites around the world sure is a lot of work.”

Emilie and Vanessa: “Yeah.”

Vanessa, Emilie, and Joel: “It’s September 12-15, 2019: ETC is all kinds of awesome!”

Event Participants: “Yeah! When are we doing this again?!”

Everything Conference 2019 High-Five-a-Palooza

Vanessa, Emilie, and Joel: “Soon.” (™ all event organizers throughout history)

Joel: “Emilie, are we doing ETC 2020?”

Emilie: “I’ve got too much going on. Let’s plan for 2021.”

Joel: “Ummm … you heard about COVID-19, right?”

Emilie: “Crap. Let’s plan for 2022.”

Joel: “Ummm … COVID-19 is still a thing, isn’t it?”

Emilie: “Crap. Let’s plan for 2023.”

Joel: “COVID-19 isn’t such a big deal anymore. Let’s do this!”

Emilie: “Sorry, but my heart’s just not into organizing in-person events.”

Joel: “Crap. Ummm … can you transfer ETC to me so I can run with it? You know how I love bringing people together, especially IRL.”

Emilie: “Sure. Here’s ETC, Joel.”

Joel: “Sweet! I’d sure like to do one in my home area. Hey Vanessa – how about another ETC in August/September 2024 in Minneapolis, Minnesota?”

Vanessa: “OK. So we’re doing this.” (<– a Hamilton the musical quote that Vanessa didn’t actually make but that Joel likes to pretend she made.)

McNamara Alumni Center Outside View

Joel: “Planning a 3+ day event for 150 multipotentialites around the world sure is a lot of work.”

Vanessa: “No doubt. But it’s so worth it.”

Joel: “Totally. Let’s go find some awesome multipods to get their fingerprints on this with us.”

Cory Huff: What’s up, Joel and Vanessa. Oh, you want me on the core planning team? OK. So we’re doing this. (<– a perfect Hamilton the musical reference since Cory has been in tons of musicals.